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304 304L Stainless Steel Demister Pad,York Mesh 431 style

Stainless steel demister pads are mesh-like filters used to remove liquid droplets from a gas stream. The most commonly used material for these pads is 304 stainless steel. SS304 is a non-magnetic alloy made up of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. It is a versatile material which is widely used in many industries because of its excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature strength.

Benefits of stainless steel 304 demister pad is simple structure, small size, light weight , easy installation, high removal efficiency, no maintenance or service required, no corrosion or temperature limitations, no limitation on size or shape, reduce air pollution, long life etc.

Uses of 304 SS Demister Pads:
This stainless steel mesh demister pad is widely used in evaporators, refining vaccum towers, refining lube towers, steam drums, absorbers, scrubbers, separators vessels and knock out drums and any process vessels handling liquid and vapor where complete separation of entrained liquid droplets is desired from gas/vapor phase.

The main difference between SS304 and SS304L is their carbon content. SS304 has a slightly higher carbon content than SS304L – 0.08% vs 0.03%. This small difference allows SS304L to have better weldability and toughness than SS304.

SS304 demister pads are highly corrosion resistant and heat-resistant, making them ideal for processes that require both high temperatures and corrosive media. They are made of a uniform material, so any particles present in the process will be filtered off without clogging the pad. The SS304 demister pads are also durable and can last for years before needing to be replaced.

SS304L demister pads are a good choice for processes where lower temperatures and less corrosive media are involved. It has a lower carbon content, making it more weldable and tougher than SS304. The lower carbon content also makes it less likely to corrode or degrade when exposed to certain chemicals.

In general, both SS304 and SS304L demister pads offer excellent performance and value for money. They both provide a long service life and are easy to install and maintain. However, if cost is a factor, then SS304L is usually the cheaper option.

Yingdu is a professional manufacturer engaged in producing and exporting of stainless steel demister pads, We can customize the following specifications for our customers.

1) SS - 304 Wire Mesh Demister Dia : 1210 MM Height : 400 MM

2) 20 micron 304 stainless steel demister pad

3) SUS 304 Wire Mesh Demisters 100H York Mesh 431 Style:

Wire Mesh Demister Dia.1500x100H; Dimention York Mesh 431 style; 80Kg Weight
Wire Mesh Demister Dia.1850x100H; Dimention York Mesh 431 style; 120Kg Weight
Wire Mesh Demister Dia.2300x100H; Dimention York Mesh 431 style; 180Kg Weight

4) Mesh pad type demister pad
Measuring 32 inches OD and 6 inches thick.
Materials of construction are 304L stainless.

5) 2 FT WD x 10 FT LONG x 6 IN THK
Density : 9LBS/CU. FT., 33 SWG WIRE WITH 98% OPEN AREA

SS 304 Wire Mesh Demister Pads Corrugated Packing

304L stainless steel wire mesh filter media demister pads for liquid and gas applications