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Yingdu supplies York 326, York 431, York 931 Style 316L stainless steel demister pads

SS 316 and SS 304 are the most commonly used stainless steel alloys for manufacturing demister pads. Stainless Steel 316 Demister Pad is a better option for applications in corrosive and high-temperature environments while ss304 demister pad is applied for projects requiring less resistance and strength.

Differences between SS 316 demister pads and SS 304 demister pads:

1, SS 316 pad demister is more corrosion resistant than SS 304 product. This makes it ideal for use in environments with high chemical concentrations, such as oil refineries, chemical plants, and power plants.
2, SS 316 demister pad can be used in temperatures up to 900°F (482°C), whereas SS 304 demisters can only tolerate temperatures up to 600°F (316°C).

3, SS 316 also offers greater mechanical strength than SS 304 due to its higher chromium content. SS 316 contains at least 16% chromium and 10% nickel, while SS 304 contains at least 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Consequently, SS 316 is better able to resist environmental and mechanical pressures without bending or deforming.

4, SS 316 is more expensive than SS 304 due to its higher resistance and strength.

5,SS 316 material offers a smoother surface than SS 304, with a higher "luster" finish. This makes it more attractive to some users and projects.

We can customize the following specifications for our customers.

1) Yingdu supply and deliver 316 SS demister pad to fit into a vessel manufactured from 5.000 NB pipe (bore size of 4.813). (Assembly drawing attached).

Flow through it will be approx 25nm3/hr at a pressure up to 62barg.

2) SS ASTM A479 GR 316 Demister pad
density: 80/144/128 kg/m3,
material: SS ASTM A479 GR 316,
mesh type: blanket; with three zone,
style: top zone York 326 / mid zone: York 431 / bottom zone: York 931,
size: dia 550 mm,
pad thk (3 mm x 50 mm): 150 mm;
total thk: 200 mm including frame
round bar tie rod: ASTM A479 GR 316
flat bar and plate washer: A240-316
spacer: ASTM A312 GR TP316

3) Demister mesh pad without frame/grid
size 1210 x 500 x 120mm
density 144kg/cm3
wire dia. 0.25mm,
material SS-316L

4) Stainless steel rectangular demister pads for steam boiler

Boiler is a 1500lb/hr boiler, saturated steam with working pressure of 200 psi. Drum is 4 feet long and 12" diamenter. Approx need 3 feet long by 12" inches wide.

FLAT BAR (25*3)
PAD: 300 MM

Technical Data required for SUS-316 Demister Pad
Wire Mesh 150 MM THK, SUS-316
Density 144 KG/CU.M (9LBS/CU.FT)
Flate Bar 25 X 3 MM THK,SUS-304(TYP)

6) SS 316L Knitted Stainless Steel Demister Filter
Demister -OD 1492 X ID 1066 x 150 mm
Demister Density: 80 Kg/m3
Surface area: 143 m2/m3
Free volume: 99%
Material/grade: SS316L
Wet Filter - OD 1492 X ID 458 x 200 mm
Wet Filter Density: 144 Kg/m3
Surface area: 257 m2/m3
Free volume: 99%
Material/grade: SS316L
Top and bottom grids:SS316L

7) Demister for evaporator in distiller
For oil and gas tankers
Demister for evaporator material: astm 316 L

8) 316 SS Mesh Pad

Thickness: 150
Diameter: 5620
Segments: 50
Mesh Material: Alloy 20
Grid Material: 316 SS
Manway I.D.: 760
Size: 06221

Note: Dimensions are actual mounting area, required tolerances for installation will be applied in fabrication.
All dimensions are in millimeters.

Material Dimensions Estimated Shipping Weight
Wood 2060L * 770W * 990H. 370 KG each

Thickness: 8"
Diameter: 200 3/4"
Segments: 47
Size: 08200.75
Style: CACD
Mesh Material: Alloy 20
Grid Material: 316 SS

Material Dimensions Estimated Shipping Weight
Wood 72"L * 29"W * 47"H. 544 LBS.