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Stainless Steel SS 317L Demister Netting Pad

Yingdu supplies stainless steel 317 grade demister pad with custom designs and sizes.
Customized specifications of demsiter netting mesh vary depending on the application, typically involve the size, shape, material grade, filter media, and filter efficiency. Size and shape of the demister can be tailored to fit within any vessel design, while material grade and filter media must be selected to perform in desired operating conditions like temperature, pressure, and pH levels.

Customized specifications

SS 317L demister netting
Material: SS317L
Type: N type, or ACS style 4CA equivalents
Bulk density: 144 kg/m3
Surface area: 289 m2/m3
Free volume: 98.2%
Size: 300mm width x 100 meter long



Demister Pad filled with PTFE Teflon fiber and stainless steel fiber
Diameter: 3100
Mesh: 150 mm