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Knitted Wire Mesh for Demister Pads / Mist Eliminators

Yingdu supplies a wide range of knitted wire meshes in galvanized, ss, copper, nickel and other materials for manufacture of mist eliminators, pad and filter elements.

Knitted wire mesh is a filter fabric made by interweaving strands of wire, typically stainless steel or copper, in a pattern to create a mesh surface with fine openings.

Forms of Knitted Mesh: Rolls, tubes / tape.

Knitted wire mesh offers several distinct advantages over other types of mist eliminators:

Firstly, it is strong and durable, withstanding even the most intense operating conditions;
Knit wire mesh provides superior filtration capacity and is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion, making it suitable for corrosive environments;
Knitted wire mesh also offers low pressure drop and is self-cleaning;
Knitted wire mesh is lightweight and easy to be used and quickly adapted to production needs.

Selecting Knit Mesh:

Mesh materials:
Materials are supplied in different shapes and sizes, depending on the desired application and type of particles being collected. The most common type of mesh material used is stainless steel wire mesh, which provides the greatest durability, strength, and resistance to corrosion. Other metals such as aluminum, nickel, copper, and brass can also be used to meet specific requirement.

Mesh Size:
The mesh size is essential for effective mist elimination, as it determines how many particles can be captured. When selecting the mesh size, it is important to consider the size of the particles that need to be removed.

Porosity is related to the grade of the material and the number of interstices per unit area. A higher grade material with smaller interstices allows for more efficient particle retention, and thus creates a better mist eliminator. The type of material used will also affect the cost of the product and its performance in different industrial applications.

Other factors which can influence the performance of mist eliminators:
Surface tension of the liquid, the efficiency of the collection process, and the use of additives to reduce the amount of particles suspended in the air.

We can help recommend the best mesh material for mist elimination producing. By understanding the properties of mesh materials and making a careful selection, mist eliminator can be effective and efficient.


Galvanized Steel Knitted Mesh

Crimped Knitted Mesh Galvanised
Roll width 500mm
Wire diameter 0.25mm


Stainless Steel Knitted Wire Mesh
SS 316 Knitted Wire Mesh for Demister Pads

Wire diameter: 0.3mm

Standard width: 100mm

NO. of Stitches per cm on length: 1.6

No. of stitches per cm across lay flat 0.7


Knitted Copper Mesh for Distillation Column Packing
Copper Knitted Wire Mesh for Distilling Column Packing
Knitted mesh in 99% pure copper
To eliminating Sulfur Compounds in beverage distilling
In mesh rolls or tubing
Width: 220mm, 180mm, 127mm, 100mm


Nickel Knitted Mesh

Knitted mesh pure nickel
Size: 1mx 1m pieces
For Chlor-alkali electrolyzer process