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Vane Pack Demister Pads as Gas / Liquid Separators

Yingdu supplies vane pack demister pads assembled with support bars / grids. Popular material: AISI 304 stainless steel.
Popular size: Vane Pack Demister Pad (W type) 1200 x 1200 x 150.

Vane Pack Mist Eliminator or Demister is an advanced filtration system designed with a vaned filter media to trap and separate mist droplets. Vane type Demisters feature a low operational cost and can easily be incorporated into existing ventilation or filtration systems.

Vane Pack Demister Pad operates by trapping mist particles on its specially designed baffle, the vane type filter media is arranged in two or more layers, separated by a draining tray.

Wire Mesh material popularly used in the Vane Pack Demister Pad is usually made of stainless steel, other materials like aluminum or PP can also be used.

Vane Pack Demister - for Offshore Oil and Gas Separators

Our capability and service:
Design, calculation, supply, fabrication, inspection, testing and delivery of various vane type demisters for oil gas filter.

Vane Type Demisters for Offshore Platform GLCC Separator
Design: Vane type
Designed to remove all liquid droplets of 50 microns and greater
Design life of demister: 15 years
Bolted and can be manually removed through top flange of GLCC separator.
Thickness of demister: 200mm, max. 300mm.
Weight of demister: Max. 25kg.
Material of Demister: SS316L.
According to EN 10204 - type 3.1, for bolts and nuts according to EN 10204 - type 2.2

Vane Pack Demister Assembled with Support Bars
Streamline: 3 phases, plain without hook
Material : SUS 304
Condition : Assembled (c/w Assembling support bars)
Vanes spacing : 25 mm
Stage : Single
Shape : Circular, segmented to 3 segments (parts)
Dimension : Ø.2900 * H.200 (mm)

Vane Pack Demisters
Material : FRP or PP which resistant to steam of NH3 and H2SO4 with Temperature 60 degree C
For Horizontal Gas Flow type
Size : 5050mm W(vertical) x 6200mm (horizontal) divided 6 segment.
Height of Streamline: 380mm
Distant between vanes : 25mm
Material : FRP / PP
Design: Vane without hooks

Various customized sizes available for export.