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Mist eliminator is the system that separates, filters, and collects small waterdrops (mist) in the form of aerosol that scatter in a container during absorption, separation, and extract of the chemical process. There are various types of mist eliminator. As a substitute for the demister, it is used a lot for removing minute mist particles that are sprayed from the spray nozzle in the scrubber. It shows very remarkable performance. Baffled mist eliminator is called vane type mist eliminator or chevron mist eliminator.


1) Type: Modified Zig-Zag type, Zig-Zag type, Lamellar type
2) PASS NO. : 4 PASS, 3 PASS, 2 PASS
3) Pitch: 20mm, 25mm, 30mm (It is possible to adjust other pitches and 25mm pitch is used generally.)
4) Kind of material: PP, SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L


3. Features

1. It can separate and remove a lot of dust or viscous mist from a fluid without stoppage. It is suitable for the separation of
quite rough mist.
2. Resistance loss is small and pressure drop can be made small even at high gas velocity.
Horizontal type: 5-7 M/S
Vertical type: 4-6 M/S
3. The installation area is small and the installation cost is economical even for the treatment of large quantity of gases.
4. It is possible to choose a heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant material, depending on the gas conditions, and FRP,
PP, SUS are available.

4. Purposes: This type of mist eliminator is mainly used in the following fields:

Removal of harmful materials in gases (prevention of air pollution)

Removal of impurities in gases (improvement in the purity of products)

Prevention of scattering of raw material products (cost reduction)

Installed for the plant pre- and post-process (lengthening the lifetime of a plant and saving energy); Separation and

collection of mist