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Stainless Steel Demister Pad

Material: Stainless steel knitted wire mesh
We can offer stainless steel demister pads of all specification, diameter from300mm to 6400mm.

Demister pads standard: HG / T 21618 - 1998
Features: Simple structure, small size, light weight, porosity, pressure drop contact with large surface area, in addition to foam separation efficiency, light weight, easy maintenance, protection of the environment, reduction of air pollution and long life.

Demister Pad:
Material: 304,304L,316,316L
Stainless steel demister pads are mainly used in separating the bubble with diameter of over 3-5 um in the air. used as vertical and round equipment in chemical industry, purification medicine, light industry, environment protection etc.

Demister pads(Mist) for separation of entrained droplets of gas tower to ensure that there is mass transfer efficiency and reduce the value of material losses and the operation of the compressor to improve the tower, most people set the wire in the top of the tower mesh demister. Can effectively remove the 3 - 5um the droplet, if the settings between trays demister, not only to ensure the efficiency of mass transfer tray, also can reduce the board space. Therefore, wire mesh demister is mainly used for gas-liquid separation. Widely used in chemical, petroleum, tower manufacturing, pressure vessels and other industries in the gas-liquid separation device. Also for the air filter for gas separation. In addition, demister screen can be used as instruments of industrial instrumentation in the various buffers to prevent electrical interference shielding of electronic devices.