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Vessel Demister Pads In Wide Range Of Sizes And Configurations, Including Round Pads, Wedge Wire Pads, And Other Shapes

Vessel demisters are devices primarily used in high-pressure gas vessels and towers in power plants, chemical plants, refineries, and various other industrial processes. Vessel demister pads are an integral part of any process vessel, storage tank, and reactor system. Their unique design enables them to capture and contain the entrained droplets in the vapor stream and reduce contaminated vapors for clean air release.

The material used in vessel demisters is typically constructed of wire mesh, polymers, metal, elements. Commonly used materials include polypropylene, polyethylene, stainless steel, zinc-plated steel, brass, and PVC. These materials can be selected based on their chemical, temperature, and corrosion resistance capabilities.

Sizes and Shapes
Vessel demister pads come in a wide range of sizes and configurations, including round pads, wedge wire pads, and various other shapes. The size and shape of a vessel demister usually depend on the size and shape of the equipment it will be installed in. Generally, the demisters are designed to fit within the vessel or tower that they are intended for. The length and width of a vessel demister depend on the size and configuration of the job.

Vessel demisters are used to ensure the efficient removal of liquid droplets from gas streams. Also, they reduce the risk of explosions and fires due to flammable liquid buildup, control dust and fines in the air stream, and prevent corrosion of downstream equipment.

Data Sheet for Vessel Demisters

Vessel Informstion
Vessel Designation   Individual Knok-out Drum
Vessel Number   KOD-2001 & 2003
Configuration   Vertical
Design Pressure bara 12
Design Temparature (min/max) °C - 20 / 70
Material | Internal Coating   ASTM A-516 Gr.60 | Epoxy Coating
Internal Diameter mm 610
Heigth (T/T) mm 2286
Corr. Allowance mm 3
Gas Outlet Nozzle mm (in) 101.6 (4)
Desimeter Information
Quantity   02
Material of Construction   POLYPROPYLENE
Maximum Allowable Pressure Drop bar (psi) 0.069 (1)
Application   Gas Outlet Desimeter
Desimeter Size mm 610 DIA.
Desimeter Thickness mm VTA
Free Volume m3 VTA
Wire Thickness mm VTA
Wire Surface Area m3 / m3 VTA
Desimeter Orientation   Horizontal
Liquid droplet size to be removed from Gas stream Micron > 6
Max. Liquid quality carry over (Gal / MMSCFD) 0.1
Operating Conditions
Operating Pressure bara 4.344
Operating Temperature °C 30
Gas Flowrate (Standard ) m3/hr 976.7 ( Note -1 )
(Actual) m3/hr 222.9
density kg / m3 8.006
viscosity cP 0.0094
M.W.   43.29
Oil Flowrate m3/hr 0.7801 ( Note -1 )
density kg / m3 576.6
viscosity cP 0.1744
Water Flowrate m3/hr Nil
density kg / m3 -
viscosity cP -
Sand flowrate m3/hr Nil ( Note - 2 )
size range Micron -
VTA - Vendor to Advise
1. Vendor to consider 10% design margin in flowrate.
2. Vendor to consider some traces of sand/dust particles for sizing demister.

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