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Yingdu supplies superior quality demister pads for industrial projects around the world.

1) Wire mesh demister for VICO-Tex vertical drum for Pakistan

Specification & requirements

1-technical specification

1.1 wire mesh demister should be installed in vertical drum
1.2 the demister should be fixed in our drum without any modification by cutting or welding in our drum
1.3 the demister should be as separates parts to be assembly and installed inside the drum as the following dimensions
inside diameter I.D = Φ 800mm
hole inside diameter I.D = Φ431mm
1.4 the demister dimension should be 25 mm compression over I.D.of drum
1.5 the demister should be installed on ring ( which provide with holes for tie wire ) that is welded inside drum
1.6 the demister materials:
mesh: AISI 304
grid: AISI 304
tie wire: AISI 304
bolts , nuts & washer : AISI 304
1.7 wire mesh diameter is 0.20 : 0.27mm
1.8 tie wire dimeter is 2.8mm
1.9 demister surface area is 0.55 : 0.66m/dm
1.10 the mesh demister free volume percentage : 97.5:98.2%
1.11 the demister must be fabricated according the attached drawing
1.12 materials to be legibly labled with the following information : material specification, heat number.

2- shipment and certificate
2.1 demister should be supplied in worthy wooden packages to avoid any distortion
2.2 inspection certificate in accordance with EN 10204 - 3.1 (original) to be submitted in cace of order.
2.3 certificates of origin must be submitted in case of order and this certificate must be autherized in embassy or consult in the country of origin of material.

3- warranty & responsibilities
3.1 the vendor should guarantee satisfactory the demister against fault in design , workman ship , defects and performance failure for 12 months of continuous operation or 18 month from shipment data whichever is earlier and agrees to make all necessary or desirable alterations , repairs and replacements of defective equipment free of charge

4- scope of supply
wire mesh demister provided with mesh , grid , tie rod , tie wire & bolts , nuts & washer acc. to our specification.
We offer general arrangement drawing & drawimgs of elements dimensions and numbers include material part list.
we supply all required accessories as per order like bolts and nuts even if there is any coaast impact for it.
We offer the engineering drawing for customer approval.

VICO-Tex are special mist eliminators, made from layers of mesh arranged so as to obtain a cellular structure.

2.8 dia.wire for fixing demister to the grid (AISI 304)
8dia. holes eyenly spaced on 100mm centers
2dia. tie wire(AISI 304)

2) Projects for Doha, QATAR

Propylene compressor suction drum for petrochemical company

1) Designed For F15% Of Normal Flow Rates - Based On 22s203.
2) Vessel Subject To Hot Air Dry Out Conditions (65℃)
3)Instrument Nozzles To Be A Minimum Of 300# Rating
4)Material Of Construction: Low Temp Carbon Steel
5) At 35% Of Design Pressure Temperature Of Fluid Is (0℃)
6) Nbp @ Atmospheric Pressure Is -48℃

Nozzle & Baffle Hood Elevation
Unsupported Closed Front May Need Structural Support To Prevent Vibration.
Partially Closed Sides
Open At Bottom And Lower Sides


Stainless Steel Demister Pad Air Filter

Stainless steel mesh filter with 25000CFM capable of roughly 10 micron filtration. The head loss must be roughly 1"w.c (250Pa). The filter is to be used for ambient outside air filtration for a Thermal Oxidizer.