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Monel mesh demister - Monel 400 and Monel 600 wire mesh pad and coalescing plate - for separation of liquids and gases

Monel mesh demister is a type of mist eliminator, also known as a wire mesh pad or coalescing plate. It is made up of Monel (a transition metal alloy) wires woven in to a mesh. Monel mesh demister features corrosion resistance, weldability, and resistance to high temperatures which makes it the perfect choice for applications that require the most stringent of specifications.

Monel mesh demister consists of woven Monel wire mesh that is formed in to a partitioned panel. This panel has closely woven mesh spaces that allow gas molecules to pass through but prevent liquid droplets from escaping. A wide variety of sizes, colors, materials, and shapes are available to suit the specific application needs. The length and width of the demister can vary, allowing for a customized fit. The characteristics of this product include superior pressure drop, high efficiency, and low maintenance costs.

Monel 400 mesh demisters are a type of liquid droplet separator typically used in petroleum refining and petrochemical processes. Made from an alloy of nickel and copper, they are designed to reduce mists and aerosols while allowing steam and hot gases to pass through them. The mesh screen is designed using a specific hole size, often ranging between 0.3-3.0mm, which enables it to capture liquid particles, while still allowing gas and vapor to pass through, making it ideal for many types of process applications. In terms of materials, the mesh is made from Monel 400 alloys, and is available in different sizes, colors, and lengths. It offers superior mechanical strength and high resistance to chemicals and salt solutions, making it suitable for use in marine environments where corrosion is a major concern. Technical specifications of Monel 400 mesh demister include a maximum working pressure of 2.5MPa, a thickness of 0.05-1.2mm, and a tensile strength of ≥350Mpa. The mesh is also flexible and comes in various widths, ranging from 6-100mm. Some characteristics of this separator include fast liquid removal, low resistance to gas flow, and large voids, which allow heat exchange and help reduce overall operating costs.

Monel mesh demisters - sizes:

Monel 400 Mesh demister, diameter 1143 X heigth 152 mm.
Monel 400 Mesh demister, diameter 1372 X heigth 152 mm.
Monel 400 Mesh demister, style A York mesh No 431 diameter 1981 X heigth 152 mm.
Monel 400 Mesh demister, diameter 739 X heigth 152 mm.
Monel 400 Mesh demister, diameter 457 X heigth 152 mm.

Note : Size are in milimiters

Monel 600 mesh demister is a type of sintered metal mesh filter that is composed of Monel alloy wires. It is used for gas or liquid filtration in chemical and process industries. The metal wire mesh materials are woven in a uniform pattern to offer greater strength and increased durability. It has a long-lasting construction and is highly suited for liquid and gas filtration. Monel 600 mesh demister is long lasting and highly efficient. It provides reliable performance against various corrosive media and can withstand high temperatures. It also offers excellent mechanical strength and toughness.

The wire diameter ranges from 0.08mm to 5mm, and the product size is customizable according to customer requirements. The wire is woven into a uniform pattern with optional surface treatment.

The length and width of the product range from 1m to 8m and 0.3m to 3m, respectively.