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Demister Filters - Metal Wire Mesh, Polypropylene, Nylon yarn, Glass fiber and PVC

Demister filter is is often used as a pre-filtration device for air or gas streams that need to be further purified.

The demister filter is an essential tool for the petroleum refining, petrochemical industry, gas chemistry, synthetic chemistry, salt and sugar manufacturing and other chemical industries. It's designed to capture and remove contaminants from process liquids and gases with high efficiency and low operating costs. The demister filter utilizes a sieve-like structure made from fine mesh material which traps particles as small as 5 microns in diameter before they can enter the process stream. This makes it ideal for removing solid particulates from process liquids and gases, as well as preventing blockages in the system due to build-ups of small particle contaminants.

Its superior performance is achieved by combining advanced filtration media with robust construction materials. These materials are built to withstand extreme operating conditions, providing consistent and reliable filtration performance over extended periods of time. The demister filter is also easy to install and maintain, making it an economical filtration choice.

When selecting a demister filter, it's important to take into account the specific requirements of the application. Some factors to consider include flow rate, temperature, pressure, chemical compatibility, and particle characteristics. It's also important to choose a filter that is able to withstand vapour loss or the possibility of backflashing.

Once installed, the demister filter will operate at its most efficient when used in combination with an upstream pre-filter. The pre-filter captures large particles from the process liquid, allowing the demister filter to focus on capturing smaller particles and eliminating the risk of blockages.

By providing efficient and cost-effective particle removal, the demister filter is an ideal solution for ensuring process quality in the petroleum refining, petrochemical industry, gas chemistry, synthetic chemistry, salt and sugar manufacturing, and other chemical industries.

Material: Stainless steel, copper, PTFE,polyethylene,polypropylene,nylon yarn,glass fiber and PVC

Demister for filter is also known as mist eliminators or sprays. This is a kind of high efficiency separation devices, used throughout all kinds of process industries, to remove liquid droplets from gas or vapour streams.

Uses: Demister is used in chemical, petroleum, sulfate, medicine, light industry, metallurgy, machine, building, construction, aviation, shipping and environment protection. Demister pad is mainly used to eliminate streams with diameter of more than 3μm to 5μm.

Stainless steel filter demister pads are a type of demister pad made from stainless steel that is designed to prevent liquid or solid particles from accumulating in a filter. The stainless steel wire mesh of the demister pad effectively traps and removes particles before they pass through the filter. This type of filter is ideal for industrial and commercial applications where high levels of filtration are needed. The main advantages of using stainless steel demister pads include its high durability, low cost, and great resistance to corrosion. Additionally, its uniform pore size provides an excellent filtering effect even with small particles. When compared to other metals like titanium, copper, and galvanized steel, stainless steel stands out due to its superior corrosion resistance, making it an ideal choice for chemical, oil, and wastewater processing applications.

In terms of technical specifications, the size of the demister filter depends on the expected flow rate and temperature, as well as the type of gas or liquid being filtered. Generally, a larger filter will have more capacity and better efficiency. The filter's physical dimensions, as well as any additional features such as support frames, will also depend on the application.

Customized demister filters can be designed to meet exact requirements. The number of layers of mesh, the shape and size of each layer, and the arrangement of the layers (including spacing) can all be customized. The material of the frames and supports can also be tailored to fit the specific application. Additional features may include cutouts, open/closed sides, and bordered/unbordered designs.

When it comes to customizing the specifications of a demister filter, one has to consider the media type, capacity, filter grade, porosity, temperature resistance, and pressure drop. Depending on the application, the demister filter may also need to be designed for special purpose uses like removing compounds, absorbing oil, or passing small particles. The design should also be tailored to fit into the existing piping.

Yingdu customizing the specifications of the demister filter allows for tailoring the device to meet the requirements of the application and gas stream.